Large-Area Electronics demonstrator project

The EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Large-Area Electronics (LAE) has launched a project to produce a portable, interactive demonstrator system for LAE. Our objective is to use this demonstrator to communicate to:

  • potential end-users what LAE can do and how it could be applied;
  • designers, showing technical capabilities being developed in the UK that they might be able to use in their work;
  • schools that careers in engineering/science are attractive;
  • final year Science and Engineering degree students, demonstrating that a career in LAE is an appealing option or that a PhD in the field is worth considering; and
  • audiences of non-specialists what LAE is and what it can do.

The demonstrator will include about 10 functional elements – e.g. sensors, displays, energy harvesting, energy storage and lighting – brought together in an attractive way to illustrate both functional capability and new modes of use. The components and systems will be produced by UK technology providers with a planned production run of approximately 25 demonstrator systems, which will be offered to industry and public sector organisations. Initial funding has been obtained from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills to provide support for professional resources from outside the EPSRC Centre.

For more information about the demonstrator project contact Dr Luigi Occhipinti, National Outreach Manager.


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