Laser Annealing for improved FLEXible Electronics (LAFLEXEL)

The “Laser Annealing for improved FLEXible Electronics” (LAFLEXEL) project aims to deliver high performance metal-oxide thin‐film transistors (TFTs) by introducing a photonic process, namely laser annealing. Laser annealing can be a promising innovation in the field of large scale manufacturing for micro and nano electronic devices. It is an ultra-fast and macroscopically cold process, which can be used in conjunction with temperature sensitive substrates.  A laser beam can be moved and manipulated rapidly in order to process large areas and can have high spatial resolution for selective patterning / annealing. Thus, laser annealing is a process of high value for flexible electronics in large-scale approaches (e.g. R2R). The proposed process can significantly enhance performance and reduce costs for high-tech applications by offering precise control, robustness, extended lifetime, high capacity and lower consumable expenses.

LAFELXEL will focus on :

  • Identifying the most appropriate laser annealing system design and processing parameters,
  • Investigating the underlying mechanisms against the enhanced electrical characteristics of IGZO TFTs,
  • Interacting with the CIMLAE EPSRC Centre members towards photonic annealing solutions,
  • Proposing new alternative solutions by integrating the most appropriate photonic process as a manufacturing step for large area electronics.

Overall, by controlling the kinetics and energetics of laser annealing LAFLEXEL seeks to succeed in the fabrication of high performance metal-oxide TFTs on flexible substrates, which gives great potentiality to the proposed method for applications in the challenging field of large area electronics.

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