Cambridge startup to develop new-gen printed batteries


Flexen - Final Project summaryZinergy UK, a new Cambridge startup founded by Dr Pritesh Hiralal and Dilek Özgit is developing printed flexible battery technology that has exciting implications for the electronics industry.  Pritesh and Dilek met at the University of Cambridge's Department of Engineering as PhD students and began working out how to create a novel more cost-effective way of manufacturing batteries.  

Pritesh was the lead investigator on the FlexEn project, part of the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Large-Area Electronics. He says: “The FlexEn project helped attract investor interest, resulting in the formation of this start-up developing printed, flexible batteries.“

The new battery is built using a silkscreen printing process and is thin, flexible, and cheap to produce. When mass produced, it will allow energy storage to be incorporated into a variety of new products with real-world application potential in areas such as wearables, health monitors and the Internet of Things.

To read the full interview with Pritesh and Dilek in which they explain to Mike Scialom of Cambridge News how this new technology works, click here.


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