Centre for Plastic Electronics (CPE)

The Centre for Plastic Electronics (CPE) at Imperial College London brings together wide-ranging research in the departments of Physics, Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering to address the design, synthesis and characterisation of PE materials, the design and fabrication of a wide variety of plastic electronics devices (including organic/inorganic hybrids) and the modelling of both. The Centre is comprised of 29 academic staff, more than 40 postdoctoral researchers and 140 students.

CPE's research themes include:

  • materials design, synthesis and processing
  • advanced multi-parameter structural, electrical and optical characterization
  • nanostructure and interface control
  • multi-scale materials and device modelling
  • device fabrication and optimization

The Centre for Plastic Electronics is currently working with a range of industrial partners and has a strong interest in industrial and commercial engagements spanning directly funded research projects, joint applications to funding agencies, consultancy, joint PhD student supervision and materials supply agreements.

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