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Manuel Pinuela, Drayson Technologies
Drayson Technologies


In 2009 he started his PhD in Electrical Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London developing systems for inductive power transfer and ambient RF energy harvesting. Both technologies have won awards in international conferences and are published in IEEE journals.

After more than five years of developing new technologies, as the CTO of Drayson Technologies, Manuel believes that technologies such as wireless power transfer will simplify our lives and completely modify the way we interact with the systems that surround us.


Intelligent IOT networks for future cities

Drayson Technologies is an Internet of things (IoT) platform company using wireless charging technology and machine learning software to create smart sensor networks that deliver tangible business value for our customers and at reduced costs. We enable energy-efficient and cost-effective IoT intelligent data collection and analysis, which reduces the cost of deploying, owning and running IoT networks. We are making the IoT easy by deploying our core technologies, FreevoltTM and SensyneTM.

FreevoltTM is an innovative, patented and patent-pending wireless charging technology that provides trickle charging for the IoT sensor devices using recycled radio frequency (RF) energy harvested from existing wireless and broadcast transmissions such as microwave, cellular, WiFi and Digital TV when sufficient RF density is available, and inductive power transfer (IPT) using a dedicated transmitter.

SensyneTM is our proprietary software platform for building complete end to end IoT solutions that uses machine learning algorithms to provide the ‘brain’ of the network. SensyneTM integrates seamlessly with our hardware technology, FreevoltTM, to provide an end-to end highly energy-efficient IoT platform that reduces the cost of installation and operation of IoT networks. Two of the products we have created demonstrate these technologies.

CleanSpaceTM is our first commercial application and the world’s first IoT air pollution monitoring network that uses portable, personal air pollution smart sensors (the CleanSpaceTM Tag) to track exposure to air pollution (specifically carbon monoxide) in real-time and to crowd-source that data via a smartphone app to provide insights and maps to avoid pollution hotspots. It uses a machine learning and connected smart sensors to create the most advanced map of air pollution to enable people to “see the air they breathe” and to help enterprises and municipalities implement projects that improve air quality.

Aura is a temperature and air quality monitoring system for buildings, facilities and asset management. Aura’s end-to-end sensor network offers the ability to measure the near real-time temperature and air quality in offices or retail spaces. It optimises building monitoring efficiency and provides a cleaner working environment for people. It enables reduced monitoring costs, easier and robust compliance, as well as improved service levels and ease of installation. 

Our company showcases a complete sensor solution combining an optimized hardware sensing platform (including a state of the art CO sensor) with an innovative self-powering technology and a complex, customizable software management view providing data insight to what is broadly known as the IoT world. 

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