Dr Simon Ogier

Dr Simon Ogier is the CTO of NeuDrive Ltd, where he is responsible for the development of high performance organic semiconductor material technology for electronic applications such as dynamically flexible displays, sensors and logic devices.

Previously, Simon was Research and Development Manager at CPI Ltd where was responsible for a number of research programmes related to plastic and printable electronics, notably the organic thin film transistor developments. He was involved from 2007 in the early stages of the PETEC facility, now known as the National Printable Electronics Centre, taking a lead in the establishment of the technical teams. He has published twenty research papers and twenty-one patents, including developments in low-k dielectrics for OTFT, and high mobility semiconductor formulations for solution processable electronics.

Simon gained a degree and PhD in Physics at Leeds University, and for his doctoral work developed microfabricated biosensors containing molecular ion channels. Following this, he worked researching and developing organic semiconductors, charge transport processes, and organic thin film transistors (OTFTs).

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