innoLAE 2019 Programme

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DAY 1            
01/01/1970Registration, tea/coffee on arrival
Session 129/09/1900
01/01/1970Keynote address: Karl Leo, IAPP, TU Dresden. Novel high-performance organic transistor structures01/01/197001/01/197001/01/1970
01/01/1970Session 2 Applications of LAE29/09/1900Session 3: Manufacturing for printed electronicsRosalind Franklin Pavilian
01/01/19702.1Ashutosh TomarJaguar LandRoverApplications of flexible and hybrid electronics in the car (invited)3.1Vivek SubramanianEPFLTools and Processes for Printed Electronic Systems (invited)
01/01/19702.2Ravinder DahiyaUniversity of GlasgowBiodegradable cloth with printed electrodes for sensors and energy storage devices3.2Adam BruntonM-SolvAdditive and subtractive manufacturing for large area printed electronics
01/01/19702.3Simon JohnsonCentre for Proces InnovationLarge area pressure sensor system for critical injury diagnosis3.3Maxime HarnoisIETR -CNRSWater transfer printing technology for large area 3D conformable electronics
01/01/19702.4Pascal CachelinCambridge Display TechnologyLow power gas sensors for distributed monitoring for post-harvest applications3.4Yin Cheung LauSwansea UniversityPushing the limits of screen printing: Consistent and mass-producible 25 micron conductive tracks
01/01/19702.5Derek PedenDesignLED ProductsOLED alternative with inorganic LED based technology for diffuse lighting products3.5Dan CurtisSwansea UniversityPrinted process control through advanced rheometry (invited)
01/01/1970Lunch, posters and exhibitionAtrium
01/01/1970Session 429/09/1900
01/01/1970Keynote address: Marco Meloni, Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Title tbc
01/01/1970Session 5 LAE devices and circuits 129/09/1900Session 6: High performance materials for LAERosalind Franklin PavilianSession 7: Science, technology and commercialisation of electronic textilesJames Watson Pavilion
01/01/19705.1Olga MalinkiewiczSaule Technologiesinvited6.1Bev BrownSmartKemLarge area OTFT manufacturing: technology challenges upscaling from R&D lab to industrial fab (invoted)7.1Tilak DiasNottingham Trent UniversityMicrochips in yarns - a revolutionary new approach to manufacturing intelligent garments
01/01/19705.2Suman NandyFCT NOVASmart power emerging energy device (SPEED)6.2Francisco RodriguezCambridge Display TechnologySolution processed organic photodetectors for the near infrared7.2James HaywardIDTechExThe integration of flexible electronics within wearable electronic devices
01/01/19705.3Tanyaradzwa MangomaUniversity of CambridgeAdditive manufacturing of neuromorphic devices6.3Mehmet TasUniversity of SurreyHighly conductive, compressible, vertically-aligned-CNT-PDMS-metal composite films as strain sensors7.3Kay UllrichTiTVWorking with smart textiles – about materials, processes, products and their testing
01/01/19705.4Sanjiv SambandanIndian Institute of Science, University of CambridgeStretchable self-healing interconnects6.4Hanleem LeeUniversity of CambridgeMaterial Engineering of 2D materials for Realizing the Electronics from TFT to Electrochemical devices7.4Mark PedleySmartLifeInsight to live better, every day
01/01/19705.5Henning Sirringhaus, Mike TurnerUniversity of Cambridge, University of ManchesterIntegrated, solar-powered gas cards based on hybrid analogue amplifiers integrated with organic transistor sensors (invited)6.5tbc7.5Paul MolyneuxMetier ltdLighting up the wearables market
01/01/1970Poster sessionAtrium
01/01/1970Poster prize award ceremony
01/01/1970Transport to Queens' College
01/01/1970Conference DinnerQueens' College Cambridge
01/01/1970tea/coffee on arrival
01/01/1970Session 829/09/1900
01/01/1970Welcome to Day 2
01/01/1970Keynote address: Janos Veres, Palo Alto ResearchCenter (PARC). Printing the IOT
01/01/1970Plenary Talk: John Cocker, Centre for Process Innovation. Title tbc
01/01/1970Session 9: Manufacturing LAE systemsFrancis Crick AuditoriumSession 10: BioelectronicsRosalind Franklin Pavilian
01/01/19709.1Scott WhitePragmaticTransforming manufacturing to deliver trillions of smart objects (invited)10.1Magnus BerggrenLinkopinginvited
01/01/19709.2Mike ClausenCentre for Process InnovationSmart Hybrid Electronics: Addressing the scale up challenge10.2Henrique GomesUniversidade do AlgarveConducting polymer based electrodes: A new tool to explore bioelectrical signals inaccessible using conventional electrophysiological methods
01/01/19709.3Andrew HolmesImperial College LondonIntegration Technologies for Flexible Hybrid Electronics10.3Jean MancaUniversiteit Hasselt - X-LABLiving electrical nanowires: a new paradigm for bio- and organic electronics ?
01/01/19709.4Jeff KettleBangor UniversityHigh performing AgNWs transparent conducting electrodes with 2.5W/Sq based upon Roll-to-Roll compatible post processing technique10.4Christopher ProctorUniversity of CambridgeMicrofluidic ion pumps for seizure control
01/01/19709.5Antti KeranenTactoTekDesigning and making parts using injection molded structural electronics (IMSE™) (invited)10.5tbc
01/01/1970Lunch and exhibitionAtrium
01/01/1970Session 11: LAE devices and circuits 2Francis Crick AuditoriumSession 12: LAE and the circular economyRosalind Franklin Pavilian
11.1Junichi TakeyaTokyo UniversityOrganic single-crystal transistors and integrated circuits (invited)12.1Chris RiderCIMLAEIntroduction to the workshop
11.2Moon Hyo KangUniversity of CambridgeAir-stable hybrid CMOS operational amplifier on flexible substrates12.2Clement GaubertVeoliaTitle tbc
11.3Chuck MilliganFlexEnable Industrialization of game-changing OTFT based flexible displays and sensors (invited)12.3Sophie VerstraelenOrganic and Printed Electronics AssociationOE-A’s initiative on sustainability
11.4Pedro BarquinhaFCT NOVAFlexible oxide electronics: from TFT models to circuit integration12.4Danick BriandEcole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL)Towards greener electronics: Biodegradability and biomining
11.5AndrewGwen Flewitt-MoonUniversity of Cambridge Schottky diodes with >1 GHz cut-off frequency fabricated from a-IGZO using adhesion lithography (invited)12.5tbc
Panel Discussion:
01/01/1970Close and refreshmentsAtrium
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