innoLAE 2017 Speakers


Prof Zhong Lin Wang

Prof. Zhong Lin Wang, GeorgiaTech
Presentation title: Nanogenerators for Self-Powered Flexible Electronics and Piezotronics for Active Human-Machine Interfacing


Dr Jon Helliwell, CPI

Dr Jon HelliwellCentre for Process Innovation (CPI)
Presentation title: The Innovation Process: Practical Support for the Large Area Electronics Community


Prof Zhong Lin Wang

Dr Gregory Whiting, Google [x]
Presentation title: Printed, Flexible and Transient Electronics for Distributed Systems

Workshop keynote

Prof Jong Min Kim

Prof. Jong Min Kim, University of Cambridge
Presentation title: Nanotechnology convergence for large area electronics

Dr Tiziano Agostinelli, FlexEnable
Presentation title: Security tags Enabled by near field Communications United with Robust Electronics (SECURE)

Raj Bhakta, North Carolina State University
Presentation title: Direct-jet printed flexible interconnects on films and textiles

John Biggs, ARM
Presentation title: PlasticARM: challenges in flexible printed VLSI

Prof. Fabio Biscarini, UNIMORE/Scriba Nanotecnologie Srl
Presentation title:
Electrolyte-gated organic field effect transistors: fundamentals and applications to biosensing

Dr Gianluca Bovo, CDT 
Presentation title: Solution processed organic photodetectors and integrated sensors

Prof. Carlos Bufon, Brazilian Nanotechnology National Laboratory
Presentation title: Three-dimensional organic conductive networks embedded in paper for flexible and foldable devices

Dr Sean Butterworth, Promethean Particles
Presentation title: Novel industrial scale continuous production of silver and copper nanoparticles for conductive inks

Dr Paolo Canonico, SAATI
Presentation title: e-textile and strategic innovation and research agenda for European textile and clothing industry

Dr Fernando Castro, National Physical Laboratory (NPL)
Presentation title: Challenges in testing the reliability of printed and flexible electronics 

Dr Aoife Celoria, Novacentrix
Presentation title: Smart wearables and stretchable/ultra-flexible electronics

Dr Daniel Chew, Galvani Bioelectronics (a GlaxoSmithKline subsidiary)
Presentation title: Road mapping bioelectronic medicine – neural interface applications

Thomas Cosnahan, University of Oxford
Presentation title: Vacuum Flexographic Patterning of Sacrificial Oil for Organic Transistor
Aluminium Contacts

Dr Mark Fretz, CSEM
Presentation title: ACTION - ACTive Implant for Optoacoustic Natural sound enhancement

Dr John Hardy, Lancaster University
Presentation title: Multiphoton fabrication of bioelectronic biomaterials for
neuromodulation (MFBBN)

Dr Stuart G. Higgins, Imperial College London
Presentation title: Overcoming the challenges of using organic diodes for energy harvesting

Dr Dimitris Karnakis, Oxford Lasers
Presentation title: Ultrafast laser processing for organic thin film transistor manufacturing

Dr Jeff Kettle, Bangor University
Presentation title: Accelerated testing for predictive ageing in organic solar cells for
outdoor applications

Dr Hagen Klauk, Max Planck Institute
Presentation title: Megahertz Flexible Low-Voltage Organic Thin-Film Transistors

Thomas Kolbusch, Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH
Presentation title: Process technologies for printed electronics: an overview of the latest trends and developments

Dr Harrison Lee, SPECIFIC
Presentation title: Large area organic photovoltaic module for indoor applications

Dr Georgios Liaptsis, CYNORA
Presentation title: Improved stability of blue TADF emitters with EQE > 10% to replace fluorescent blue emitters

Dr Claudio Marinelli, Eight19
Presentation title: Commercialising organic photovoltaic – manufacturing and applications

Dr Pawel Miskiewicz, Merck
Presentation title: Performance Materials

Dr Ton van Mol, Holst Centre
Presentation title: Imperceptible electronics

Dr Iyad Nasrallah, University of Cambridge
Presentation title: Low-voltage polymer transistors for high-performance solution-processed complementary analogue amplifiers on foil

William R Taube Navaraj, University of Glasgow
Presentation title: Metal-assisted chemical etched si nanowires for high-performance Large Area Flexible Electronics

Prof. Roisin Owens, École des Mines de Saint-Étienne (EMSE)
Presentation title: Upping the Ante for Organic Bioelectronics; Integration with 3D tissue Models

Mark Pedley, SmartLife Inc.
Presentation title: Wellbeing without walls

Prof. Luís Pereira, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Presentation title: Printed oxide nanoparticles based devices on paper substrates

Dr Manuel Pinuela, Drayson Technologies
Presentation title: Intelligent IOT networks for future cities

Dr Catherine Ramsdale, PragmatIC
Presentation title: Moving Towards Mass Manufacture

Dr Michael Renn, Optomec
Presentation title: 3D printing of flexible and stretchable interconnects

Dr Abhijeet Sangle, University of Cambridge
Presentation title: 2D printed flexible and scalable thermoelectric power generators for wearable applications

Dr James Semple, Imperial College London
Presentation title: Engineering the world’s largest nanofeature for fast, printed diodes on plastic

Dr Daniel Tate, University of Manchester
Presentation title: Low power OFET based sensors for IoT applications

Dr Kornelius Tetzner, Imperial College London
Presentation title: Rapid fabrication of solution-processed metal oxide transistors via
photonic processing at room temperature

Prof. Rhodri Williams, Swansea University
Presentation title: Advanced Rheological Characterisation of functional inks for printed electronics (PE) applications yields improved prediction of line width accuracy and electrical performance

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