innoLAE 2018 extends the Call for Papers deadline


Interested contributors who hope to present an oral or poster presentation at innoLAE 2018 now have until the 16th of October to submit an abstract.

If your work centres around any of the following topics, we would encourage you to submit an abstract.

1. Novel manufacturing paradigms for LAE (e.g. paper and fibre-based electronics, sheet-to-sheet and roll-to-roll flexible electronics, photonic transfer, and novel aspects of metrology, reliability and yield that are unique to LAE)
2. Emerging materials and technologies for LAE (e.g. organic and inorganic semiconductors, conductors and novel dielectrics, quantum dots, and magnetic materials stretchable, biocompatible and biodegradable substrates)
3. Flexible hybrid electronics (e.g. the combination of organic or printed electronics with thinned and unpackaged conventional semiconductor devices, stretchable hybrid electronics, novel interconnects)
4. Smart wearables and stretchable/ultra-flexible electronics (e.g. applications of stretchable and ultra-flexible electronic technologies in smart wearables)
5. Internet of Things and sensor technologies (e.g. applications of LAE-based sensors for IoT, manufacturing technologies and applications of LAE components and systems for IoT and wireless sensor networks)
6. Bio-electronics (e.g. biosensors and electronics for healthcare applications)
7. Energy harvesting and storage by or for LAE (e.g. RF, piezo, thermal and solar harvesting, printable batteries and supercapacitors)

Over the previous three innoLAE conferences, the event has seen consistent delegate, institution and exhibitor growth. Last year the conference was attended by over 240 delegates, representing 133 different organisations from 13 countries. Following the success of previous events, innoLAE 2018 will host researchers from all over the world, presenting the view from SMEs and large global companies, leading manufacturers and end-users, research and technology organizations and academia. Many productive working relationships have started at innoLAE, and we believe you will benefit greatly from participating in innoLAE 2018.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact

For more information, please see the website or peruse the conference brochure.



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