Integration of printed electronics with silicon for smart sensor systems (iPESS) is a system integration project which aims to develop the key building blocks for a hybrid printed electronics/silicon based sensor system in the form of a smart label integrated on a plastic substrate. The building blocks include:

  •  A range of printed sensor elements that operate at low voltages and low power with specificity achieved by digitally printing an array of several different active sensor materials or a single material that acts as a selective recognition element.
  • A printed electronics analogue frontend that provides adequate signal amplification and signal conditioning for the sensor signal to be recorded  by a silicon microcontroller.
  • A printed electronics multiplexer that allows a silicon microcontroller to interface with multiple sensor elements without requiring a large number of I/O connections.

The long term ambition for the project is to integrate the printed sensors with the analogue front end and to develop a cost-effective integration platform for integrated sensor systems.

Technical programme

Technical programme
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