Patterning Strategies for Integration of Multifunctional Organic Materials (PASMOMA) is part of the Advanced Manufacturing Process Development theme within our technical programme (see diagram on the right). This project aims to tackle a critical manufacturing need, which is currently holding back the use of Large-Area Electronics technologies in high-volume markets. The key bottleneck that we address with this project is high-resolution patterning of multifunctional materials, and more specifically, large-area fabrication of multifunctional arrays for e.g. sensor applications.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • to pattern surface relief/energy structures using non-lithographic processes
  • to realise selectivity of particle deposition based on relief structure size
  • to deposit different materials (dielectrics, conductors, semiconductors) at predefined positions
  • to gain precise size control of particles in semiconductor microdispersion

Technical programme

Technical programme
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