Professor Thomas Anthopoulous and colleagues develop a new fabrication technique

Professor Thomas Anthopoulous and co-authors have recently published a paper in Nature Communications on a new fabrication technique called adhesion lithography. This paper describes a versatile method for the rapid fabrication of laterally aligned electrodes with separation of less than 15 nm. The technique exploits the ability of selected self-assembled monolayers to attach conformally to a prepatterned metal layer and weaken adhesion to a subsequently deposited metal film. The laterally aligned electrode arrangement offers key advantages over the standard vertical structures, including higher fabrication yields, greater amenability to large-scale integration, reduced parasitic capacitances and lower leakage currents. The fabrication is carried out under ambient conditions using simple equipment and a minimum of processing steps, enabling the rapid fabrication of nanogap electrodes and optoelectronic devices with aspect ratios in excess of 100,000.

The EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Large-Area Electronics is currently developing a project to explore the use of this novel patterning technique for the development of devices based on large aspect ratio metal electrode nanogaps. We would be happy to discuss potential applications with industry. For more information, please contact Chris Rider, Director.


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