Sherkin Technologies Ltd.

Sherkin Technologies Ltd. is a leading supplier of advanced equipment and software used by scientists and engineers in the research, development and manufacture of innovative materials, new surface treatments and finishes, and next generation products.

These products have applications in markets such as packaging, labelling, automotive, aerospace, electronics, textiles, medical devices, and energy, among others.

Visitors to the InnoLAE conference will be introduced to a range of equipment which can be used to cure inks, functionalize materials and adhesives, and clean or functionalize surfaces of materials and films, such as those encountered in printed, flexible and organic electronics and displays, and plastic solar cells applications.

Our low energy electron beam and atmospheric plasma equipment can be deployed in the laboratory for research and development, in pilot production for process transfer, and in full industrial scale production, including roll-to-roll manufacturing processes.

Highlights at our exhibition stand will be a range of electron beam cured samples and our linear atmospheric plasma source. 

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